• Touchstone
  • Haunted
  • Hideout
  • Furze the Fixer
  • Crosstides
  • Fish Tale
  • Ratso
  • Land of Promise
  • My Story: Here Come the Marines
  • Keve and Borax
  • Out of the Deep
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Introducing my Books

Skye hates family secrets. A visit to meet her ailing great-grandfather who lives on the remote West Coast gives her the chance to seek the truth - but she finds herself embroiled in a network of dangerous lies. Can she escape?

Georgia and her little brother meet a strange girl in a tumbledown old homestead who turns out to be a very lonely ghost – a thrilling story for intermediate ages in the Lightning Strikes series

Roz runs away with her little sister to a lonely beach where she hopes they will find refuge from their family problems - a blend of adventure, romance and social issues written for teenagers

Furze the Fixer
When Dougal discovers a magical Scottish boggart in an old suitcase, he decides this is a chance to make some money – a whimsical Kiwi Bites story for younger readers

Cross Tides
Bel is in trouble, but when she is banished to a farm in the Marlborough Sounds she meets a ghost from the 1830s whose problems are far greater – a blend of history, adventure and romance written for teenagers

Fish Tale
Kathleen wants Grumpy the garden gnome to help cheer up her great-grandfather, but Grumpy has his own ideas (which all involve catching fish) - an intriguing Kiwi Bites story for younger readers

Steven takes his pet rat on an exciting adventure to the beach - a Kiwi Bites story for younger readers

My Story: Land of Promise: The Diary of William Donahue, Gravesend to Wellington, 1839-40
William and his family are assisted emigrants to New Zealand, but after an arduous voyage they find their dreams of a happy new life are shattered - a historical story for intermediate and early secondary-aged readers

My New Zealand Story: Here Come the Marines, Warkworth, 1943
Lillian thinks that staying on her grandparents' farm will be boring, but that's before the countryside is invaded by thousands of US Marines training for war – a historical story for intermediate and early secondary-aged readers

Kev and Borax
Fairy godfather Kev (who's a punk) comes up with some hilarious ideas on how to help David outwit the bullies - an Aussie Bites story for younger readers

Out of the Deep and Other Stories from New Zealand and the Pacific, edited by Tessa Duder and Lorraine Orman
Sixteen stories (including one from each of the editors) reflecting the diverse cultures of New Zealand and its Pacific Island neighbours