Fish Tale

Kathleen is worried because her great grandfather is very slow and sad since his wife died. All he does is sit in front of the TV. How can Kathleen cheer him up? She goes into the garden to talk to the funny little plaster fishing gnome that Gramps brought with him. She calls the gnome Grumpy because his painted face is very bad-tempered. Suddenly she hears a rough voice saying, "The name’s not Grumpy." She looks around. There’s nobody else in the garden but the plaster gnome. She realises that he’s staring right back at her - he's come alive!

Grumpy promises to help Kathleen with Gramps - but in return she has to find him some fish. As Grumpy says, "What use is a fishing gnome without fish?" So Kathleen embarks on a series of hilarious adventures as she tries to provide the sharp-tongued little gnome with some suitable fish. She nearly gives up. Her friends think she's gone mad. But when she ends up at a nearby old folks' home she realises that Grumpy has solved both their problems at the same time.

This title in the Kiwi Bites series would suit girls who like reading stories about magical happenings.

Author's Comment

When I was interviewing people for my book called A Long Way From Home, I met an elderly gentleman whose wife had just died in a nursing home after a long illness. But instead of sitting at home being sad, he spent every day back at the nursing home, helping the residents with their hobbies and activities. I wanted to write a story about this very sensible person.

I also wanted to write a story about a garden gnome coming to life. It took a lot of planning, but I managed to get the old man's story and the gnome's story combined into one.

Reader's Activity

Find out what Kathleen should have done to keep her goldfish happy and healthy, instead of putting them in the rill.

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