Kev and Borax

David is being bullied by three bigger boys at his school. They pinch and punch him, steal things from him, and worst of all, demand his pocket money every week. David doesn't know what to do. He wishes he had a fairy godmother to help him - and suddenly there's a big bang and a young guy with a dog appears on the footpath. The guy is dressed like a punk in studs and black leather, and the dog is so hideous David can barely look at it. Turns out that the punk is Kev, David's fairy godfather (though he doesn't like the "f" word), and the dog is Borax, a troll-dog. Their job is to help David.

Kev comes up with several hare-brained, hilarious, and magical schemes to help David beat the bullies. One even involves transforming David into his own older brother - big and burly - so he can frighten off the boys. But nothing works until David starts gathering reinforcements - all the kids who are being bullied by the same boys. And at last things start to happen. Maybe Kev intended all along for David to find his own solution to the problem...

This funny fantasy is published in the Aussie Bites series.

Author's Comment

I decided to write a story inspired by the Cinderella fairytale. Cinderella was bullied by her evil stepsisters, and a fairy godmother arrived to help her. I turned the story upside down and invented a boy being bullied - and then invented the most way-out fairy godfather I could think of. It was great fun writing about Kev, and even better fun writing about Borax. Borax doesn't do anything till the end of the story - and then he has a very important role. He makes sure the bullies end up where they deserve.

Reader's Activity

Write your own humorous upside-down fairytale. Maybe you could use Little Red Riding Hood - instead of a girl walking through the woods, what about a boy skateboarding through the city? Where's he going? Who does he meet instead of a wolf?

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